Post Tue Jan 02, 2007 9:52 am

2007 Spy changes

The Squirming requirement has been removed from Escape Artist and thus reads as follows:

Level 2: Escape Artist
By spending a Life point, a spy may escape any single regular bond or limb restraining device such as shackles or handcuffs (like a magician slipping out of handcuffs). In addition to the life point, they may spend 5 minutes to escape from the Interrogator's inescapable bonds.

The Slander skill has also been changed so that the spy may now use their total support to slander with and thus reads as follows:

Level 4: Slander
The spy receives negative support equal to their total support. They may spend their negative support on any organization that they choose, hampering their ability to sustain themselves politically. For example, Cedric the Shifty is a 20th level human and is the head of an RGO. He has 20 personal support points and 80 points from his RGO members
and therefore has 100 negative support points to assign. JoJo McGuirk, the local noble, really upset Cedric by not giving him the pay he earned for researching an item and so Cedric assigns 100 negative support to JoJo. JoJo's total support is now lowered by 100. An organization's support can never be reduced below zero.