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2007 Bureaucrat addendum

Level 4: Manipulation
The bureaucrat is able to get people working more efficiently and more effectively. The bureaucrat can reinvest 50% of their total support points to accomplish things they would not normally be able to do, such as gain trade routes, create commodities, or gain military points, regardless of the type of organization that they currently belong to. For example, a house has 400 total support and is headed by a bureaucrat. The bureaucrat can reinvest 200 of those points to either create a second commodity, begin one or several trade routes, purchase military points or some combination thereof. The amount of points it takes to accomplish goals is equal to the minimum number of points to do so normally. Thus, one extra trade route would take 5 points, two would take 25 points, and so on. One extra commodity would take 200 points. Military points can always be bought at the price of 1 primary and 1 secondary resource per 5 points spent.

The total number of trade routes that a bureaucrat can obtain is equal to 2 times the number that their total support can handle normally, with a minimum of one. Thus, a lone bureaucrat outside of an organization could have one trade route, an RGO that currently supports two routes could have as many as four, an RRO that is made up of two eighth level RGOs with three routes a piece could have twelve trade routes (3 + 3 = 6 x 2 = 12) etc. All trade routes still need to be found in game.