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disciplines that duplicate

I'm sure this has been covered, but I am a bit slow:

If you have two (or more) disciplines that have abilties that are identical to another discipline's (and the levels are not stackable) is there some point compensation or are the points effectively lost?


Joe Knuckles is a 4th Level Brawler but decides he wants to take up training as a monk. The first two levels (Ambidexterity and Iron Fist) are identical to Brawler levels of the same name. Does that mean that Joe is SOL if we wants those level three and/or four monk powers and has to "waste" those points for level one and two?

Counter ex:
Joe has Combat Reflexes from being a Brawler. He still gets combat reflexes from his training as a Warrior? (It says implicitly in the rules :YES!....I know it is obnoxious to answer your own question)

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When you combine ambirdex and iron fist you actually are allowed to swing 2 and wield 2 long sword size physreps. You also gain the ability to lash fear.

Actually just having a little humor. You are SOL.

But I think your example is the only example we removed any other stacking combos
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