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I have a couple questions on RPO's

How does one increase a production sources stability besides meeting certain bonus certeria (aka all dwarven guild etc..)?
I was looking at the maxium percentage for a postive event happening for a production source and the max I figured out is 55%. How does the postive percentage work in the resource formulas. It takes alot of resource and hard work to reach the 55% bonus, and I'm wondering what benifit there is to it? I also know the percentage increase the SP costs to take over someone else's route.

Max of 25% using 250 Miltary points (upkeep cost 5 primary, 5 secondary)+ the cost of buying the military points

Max of 15% for stability, it is hard to find a route with a 70% stability

Max of 15% for workshops, very costly to create.

How is a +5% postive rating worth the cost to get it? Looking at the mechanics, (Benifit vrs cost ratio) it seems it is not worth it. Can you please enlighten me!
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Well not sure if Wayne will disagree but you do not need to know specifics except for what is in the book.

I will tell you that RP and plots will have alot to do with it though which I hope to see alot more of next year.

Forexample lets say a negative event occurs and the production source says "hey we could use your help" and you blow them off or a do a piss poor job. Well you can count on that source not being too happy with you.
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Thats great that RP will have more of an effect on routes.

I don't need to know specific's, but a +5% at a high cost does not seem worth. I just would like to know how the +5% helps and is it truely worth the cost and effort to achieve it.


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reduces the chances of something bad happening

the higher the rate, the lower the chance of something bad happening. The more resources you are likely to get out, and the lower the chance of you recieving below median performance from your route.

In general you will have to decide for yourself, but there is always a chance your route can underperform its base value.
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Post Thu Oct 19, 2006 3:12 pm

We will look at production source fortifications during the off season. I agree with Aaron, it doesnt quite jive at the moment.
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