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We have always had a very strong set of metaphysics developed that govern Phanterra. In turn, they also facilitate spell and potion creation (Also rule creation). We finally sat down and actually wrote them out. I figured I would post them here for all to see. They will also be in the next incarnation of the rulebook. Please..If you have any questions, ask them here. I am more than happy to explain things more clearly if needed or explain how certain things not mentioned fit into the metaphysics.


The cataclysm happened not just because Magic was rejoined, but also because of the way it was rejoined. It was "Snapped" back together. It was like taking four bowling balls attached to a central point by a bungee cord, pulling them away until they are tight, and letting go. It was an instant infusion of ALL elements into EVERYTHING in Phanterra to create "The One Magic" within them.

Some things, very old things, took the infusion without a problem. They were created when the "One Magic" Ruled Phanterra before the first cataclysm. These things are few and far between because most things that existed during the time of the One Magic were touched and changed by the first cataclysm. These untouched, unchanged things were primarily crafted items that were shielded by great magics cast in the time of Ancients by the An'Dar, the An'Dar'Vi, The Fae'AN'Dar, and Drae'AN'Dar. These items, in the new Phanterra, have been recharged with the One Magic. They are ready for use again, if anyone can find them and figure them out that is.

Most things on Phanterra (Including the terrain of Phanterra itself) couldn't quite handle the infusion of Magic, but they were malleable enough to change and evolve in order to accept it. That’s how the Terrain changed, some plants and animals mutated, people's brains got fouled up, etc. These rapid changes are the cataclysm itself.

Some things on Phanterra couldn't handle the infusion of magic at all and were destroyed or pushed out of existence. The "One Magic" that was meant to inhabit these objects now has no home so it is "free" or "wild" magic just floating around the metaphysical landscape. Some of this free/wild magic found a new home in the form of corpses and free roaming essences. This is how we get undead. Zombies and Skeletons are corpses infused with the one magic and ghost, shadows, and shades are essences infused with the one magic.

The Arcane
When an Arcane casts a ritual, they are pulling the one magic out of an item (The material component or themselves). That’s where the sacrifice comes in. They are ripping the magic out of something, shaping or refining it, and then releasing it or tethering it to a different item or person. The item that the Magic is ripped from is destroyed or damaged because a metaphysical piece of it is ripped away. When the effects from a ritual have served their purpose the one magic used to create the effect unravels and returns to a natural state thus becoming free or wild magic. So by releasing magic from items and creating free or wild magic, Arcanes fuel Empaths.

The Empath
When an Empath throws a "boom", they are channeling free magic into a concentrated mass and rapidly forcing it into a target. The magic enters the target so quickly the target does not have enough time to adapt to it. This causes damage to the Metaphysical aspect of the target which in turn damages the physical aspect.

All living things are constantly loosing magic from their essence or metaphysical self. When the level of magic in their essence decreases enough, they die. Damage or degradation of the physical self increases the rate at which the metaphysical self looses magic. When an Empath uses their transference ability, they channel the free magic that is slowly seeping out of an animate donor target into a concentrated mass and gently ease it into the recipient target. This free magic merges with the magic or essence in the recipient target and strengthens it. The concentration of the free magic seeping from the donor target causes physical damage to the donor.

When an Empath causes fear or sleep, they are concentrating free magic and forcing it into a target just like a "boom" except it is more targeted. It is a precise strike to the psychi of the target. In essence, what an Empath is doing is channeling free magic into a host in various ways. In this way, the Empath fuels the Arcane.

The Alchemist uses both the natural properties from a component as well as some of its magic to create a potion. These properties are used to shape the "One Magic" already within a target. Potions change the magical fields to mutate the target or one of its properties much the same way magnets affect each other's fields when brought close together. Alchemists do not use free/wild magic nor do they release magic from items, they simply use the magic stored in components to disrupt or direct other magic. Some components are stronger than others and they each affect the magical fields in different ways. Most potions have a limited duration because living targets digests them and they eventually wear off of inanimate targets.

The Healer
The healer doesnt deal directly with magic at all. The healer heals the physical which in turn allows the metaphysical to repair itself. Most healers use herbs, bandages, stitches, etc to repair the target. Some use mystical means. Mystic healing is just a use of free or stored magic to help the physical body heal itself. This magic does not mutate, merge with, or affect the "One Magic" stored within the target in any way. It acts as an external force.
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