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Creative Character Creation

Ok. Here is another new section going in the book. Feedback is more than welcome.

Creative Character Creation

As described in the pages to come, a character’s race, path, lifestyle, and discipline provide the skeleton for that character, awaiting the meat that is provided by the player. It is the character’s unique history, personality, quirks, and ideas that differentiates one character from another and that allows a set of simple mechanics to spring forth into a complex, living creature. Keep in mind that while Final Haven sometimes uses loaded terminology that brings to mind specific pictures of how it should be acted, it is specifically when players deviate from known stereotypes that they produce truly awe-inspiring characters. As one brief example, the term Knight will often bring to mind the image of a noble warrior bound by a code of honor to protect the innocent. While there is nothing wrong with playing the Knight in this fashion, do not feel compelled into doing so. Equally conceivable is a man of questionable ethics trained as a great fighter but lacking a certain moral fiber that many of us have come to expect.

Races and Sub-races

Final Haven provides a number of races from which players may choose. As in any society, the race does not necessarily dictate absolute personality per se, but certain races tend to act in certain ways and have certain feelings or prejudices toward other races. As in real life, the differences of people within the race are perhaps greater than between races, but each race is influenced by certain traditions and the overall culture of the society. Keep this in mind when choosing a character concept.

Again however, do not let tradition or stereotypes get in the way of a good character concept. There are always misfits, quirky characters, good and evil people, and the whole range of skill levels in any society throughout the world.

Sometimes, players wish to explore a sub-race not described within the rules. For example, although only the elf is mentioned within these rules, some people wish to play dark elves, wild elves, or storm elves. It is possible to play sub-races. All that is required is a creative, in-game reason and gm approval prior to playing. The racial boon associated with the sub-race will be the same as the common race it spawned from.

Some players also desire to play half-breeds, which is also acceptable barring again a valid and creative reason and gm approval. Because there are discrepancies between starting life points and boons between races, please note that the starting life points for all half breeds is equal to the lesser of the two races. For example, if you wanted to play the child of an elf (who starts with 1 life) and a dwarf (who starts with 2 life), then your starting life would be 1. Costuming and make-up should reflect the fact that you are of two species. The player’s boon will be chosen based upon which race the character most closely resembles through costuming and make-up effects. To emphasize, both half-breeds and sub-races are dependent upon gm approval.

Unblocking the Mind: Unusual Character Concepts and Personalities

Some players feel that some paths and disciplines do not go together. We have found that this is a product of terminology used and the pictures that those words inspire. For example, the idea of a Sage brings to mind keepers of knowledge who are somewhat older and sophisticated bookworms. Indeed, some sages are in fact that. Now, the idea of a Savage will bring to mind a somewhat opposite picture into people’s minds. So how can you have a Savage Sage? Simply by expanding your ideas and making what we write fit into your character concept. A Sage may in fact get information from books, but they might instead get information from stars, visions, spirits, animals, or smelling salts. For this reason, it is best to come up with a character concept first. Think of a type of character you might want to play. What personality might they have? What quirks or needs possess them? Where did they come from? What was their family like? What are their hopes and dreams? What drives them? Do not be held back because of the language used within this book or the mechanics described. In the end, it is your choice how to role play the skills. The more creative you are in your choices, the more fun you will have, the more dynamic the world will be.
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