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Post Mon Feb 23, 2004 7:33 am

New Rules Ideas From Play Testing

Dwarf Boon – my suggestion is bump the dwarf to 2 life base and have +1 harden skin, or have a resist poison/ disease for 2 life, or a flat + 1 armor if the person is wearing any armor. So a dwarf could walk onto the field with a 2 armor point helmet. The dwarf just knows how to use there armor better.

Flee Skill: Idea on how it should read, while fleeing all damage to the back is reduced to 0, immune to fear effects, roots, stun while fleeing

How to handle root and fear effects, you role-play the last effect that hits you. If you are feared and hit by a root, than you are rooted. This only applies to awake duration effects, aka fear, stun, and root. All sleep or sleep type effects (nerve pinch) are not affected by this rule.

Craftsman: At fourth level a craftsman can make quality armor and shields.

Empath – Empath fear and sleep are not considered a magical effect. The calls will be fear or sleep. This limits the empathy abilities to be resisted by 1 type of resist instead of 2. Note this will help counter balance the fact if the empathy is hit they loose they charged ability.
Note: 30 sec to charge a fear
Note: 30 sec to charge a sleep, spend 1 lp and can not move.

Warrior Lord – grants 1 resist fear for duration of combat

Keep Resist magic as a level 5 guild ability with the empathy changes.

This is my idea on how shields should work
All shields add +1 to armor rating
Can not use any weapon large than a long sword (est 4 feet long) or a hand crossbow with a large shield. All the other weapons must be used with 2 hands
Can use a buckler with any weapon, bow, or cross bow.
Can use 2 shields at once, but one must be a buckler and 1 must be large shield, or 2 bucklers. Note: this will increase the armor category by 2
Large Shields are X”xX” in size
Bucklers Shields are X”xX” in size
Shields can only be destroyed by magic attacks that equal or are greater than the shield value. Magic arrow does not work on shields. (aka only empathy channels and arcane can destroy a shield)
Shields can not be disarmed

Buckler: 5
Large Shield wood and steel: 10
Quality shield: + 5
Warrior 2nd level: +5
Man at Arms level 4 + 5

A grand total of 25 which can block all booms expect for the 30 boom.

Note: there is no difference between metal of wood shields.

I do not like the idea of a shield not increasing one armor category for the use of a shield because there are many nasty breaks with out the extra armor class rules.
Example: Walking into battle with a large shield on one arm, a buckler on the other, and a long sword, with 10 armor and being a healer and still be able to use all your abilities is huge. Not to mention it would be very difficult to hit the healer.
My feeling is the warrior should be able to use 2 shields and still have a lot of armor, and it should be hard for everyone else to do that.
My Thoughts

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Post Mon Feb 23, 2004 10:05 am

Ried can you post the proposed changes we came up with at little chef? I know there were more than this and some of these don't sound right. I don't remember us ever talking about keeping the guild resist magic.

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Post Mon Feb 23, 2004 10:49 am

Told everyone at the playtest it was 1 life base for dwarf...

so little faith.

I personally think of dwarves as tough guys, so the 2 life and +1 harden skin would seem more fitting than the armor.

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