Post Thu Feb 19, 2004 9:57 am

Armor Questions

Has this rule ever been approved?

If a person is wearing a chest plate and helmet, they are immune to nerve pinch?

Next question: How much armor does a person need to have on to recieve armor points for arms & legs.

Arms: do you need fore arms, upper arms, do you get any points if you only have 1 arm covered, etc....

Same issue with legs, lower legs, upper legs, both, only 1

Possible issues: I could be be wearing lower shin plates heavy (3 armor), lower fore arm gaurds heavy (3 armor), than wear a helmet. Being a full warrior 60% extra armor, everything is quality. The total armor you could walk around in is 14 and it is considered medium armor.

Only phys reps required are shin gaurds, lower arm gaurds, and a helmet. Why was the time, money, effort, and wear an emburancing, hot, heavy, noisey chest plate? It only would grant you 5 armor points. AS a person who use to wear fully armor, I would galdly give up 5 armor points for the comfort, speed, and stealth of not having a chest plate.
My Thoughts