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Weapon Focus Headed

Which weapons are considered headed? Axe? Mace? Flail?

Axes and Maces were used in combat to defeat shields. Hooking, breaking and such. Wouldn't it make more sense to reflect the Headed weapons use to make this do 1 crush instead of +1 damage? The Knight gets +1 with Blades, and that's well and good, but this would give the headed weapon a slight amount of uniqueness.

I'm new, so I don't really know the math involved. So it's just a suggestion.
EDIT: Actually I see that barbarian has the same ability. That wouldn't do.
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Crush is primarily used to represent big heavy weapons that are going to knock you down regardless if you block. Headed is more general, you know how to wield a off balance type swingy weapon.

Same idea goes for vorpal and bladed. Vorpal is pointy thing going between armor, bladed is swinging better.

This is just a common concept at any rate. If you want your +1 headed damage to be because you hit harder, and sometimes break through the defense, then there's nothing stopping you. Just you only get +1 damage, not crush.

Basic point being, just because you are a better fighter with a certain weapon, it doesn't mean you know vital points (of a shield or armor or person).
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Eric makes alot of good points, and to add to this weapons cannot by default swing special damage types such as crush, vorpal, or plus damage for alot of balancing issues too numerous to go into.
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Post Thu Feb 01, 2007 7:04 am

As far as how REAL WORLD weapons are classified, headed reffers to maces, morning stars (which because of the spikes they are covered in MIGHT be allowed for a vorpal effect based on the gams your playing), flails (whick are in effect a mace with a chain betweenthe handle and head), and clubs. Bladed reffers to axes and swords and GENERALLY pole arm weapons (including spears).

Yes an axe is often refferd to as having an "axe head" but the term headed reffers to blunt weapons.

How FH defines them may be very different.
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Post Thu Feb 01, 2007 8:45 am

So what exactly are considered "headed weapons" and why aren't they listed in the book, or at least examples of what Final Haven considers "headed weapons" ?
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Post Thu Feb 01, 2007 8:57 am

I'll add it to the 'to-do' list.

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