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Hero points

Here is the unofficial beta test write up for hero points.

The base hero points remain the same and are abilities that everyone can do with their hero points. As a character levels, you gain newer abilities that you can do with your hero points. You can either specialize or diversify. To understand what is being said below: At level 50, you choose one of the four groupings that will be added to your hero point abilities. If you choose the first grouping, for example, with your hero point, you can do any of the basic skills, swing +2 damage, or swing 5 crush. At level 160, you can either continue to specialize by choosing one of the groupings in row one, or you can diversify by choosing a second grouping from the level 50 group.

Hero points repop each event. A character will have a maximum of 5 hero points then by level 300 as per the progression chart in a different post.

Starting characters:
Hero points may:
* add +1 damage for duration of combat
* gain +5 life (which may go above and beyond your max, though any above may not be healed)
* -3 seconds per 5 seconds of charge
* Resist Torture
(note: re-popping hero points are not gained until level 30)

At level 50, choose one grouping:
* (swing +2 damage, but can only use a single weapon physrep and no shield or may swing 5 crush once.)
* (gain +10 life or destroy a lock or door)
* (-8 seconds per 10 seconds of charge (skills less than 10 may be instantly used) or resist a damaging effect and swing that call once.)
* (Resist Fear or become immune to Taunt for the event.)

At level 160, choose another one of the above, or choose one grouping of the two below that are in the same row position:
* (swing +3 damage, single weapon or swing 10 crush once) OR (swing 12 damage once or swing 1 crush for a combat)
* (gain +15 life or invunerable for 2 minutes but may not move) OR ignore a damaging effect and add damage to life total or destroy an item)
* (-19 seconds per 20 seconds of charge (skills less than 20 seconds may be instantly used) or no movement restrictions for a combat) OR (Regenerate to full life, armor, and combat reflexes or Flee for 30 seconds)
* (Resist Sleep or Resist Disease) OR (Resist Magic or Resist Poison)