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Advanced Skills

This is the unofficial beta test write up for the advanced skills. They work this way: At certain levels (described in a different post) your character will have the option to pick up an advanced skill. To do so, you need to submit a request for the specific skill that you would like to learn and the reason for that knowledge (if you have an idea, otherwise a plot will be developed for you). Through the course of that plot, you will gain a skill at the sacrifice of another (basically a skill swap). A level 1 skill would replace a basic path skill or 20 points worth of skills, a level 2 an advanced path skill or 40 points worth of skills, and a level 3 a master path skill or 60 points worth of skills.

The skills are divided into four paths (Offensive, defensive, support, and survival). You have to have a level 1 skill before you can get a level 2 skill in that path. ONE bonus skill is achieved upon reaching level 330 and is based upon your progression. If you have taken taken three levels of ofensive skills, for example, your bonus skill would be one of the offensive bonus skills. If you have not achieved a third level skill, then your bonus is one skill that is one level higher than your highest skill in that path. For example, if you have a level one offensive, a level one defensive, and a level two defensive, your bonus skill would be a level three defensive.

Advanced skills after additions....

Level 1:

Strike Force - may charge a 3 damage melee attack per 5 seconds of charge time (max of 9 damage). May be stacked on top of Critical Strike.

Blast - may charge a 5 Magic damage (melee or ranged) per 10 seconds of charge time (max of 15 damage). May be stacked on top of Channel. Note: any damage above 15 may not move after charging.*

Level 2:

Crushing Blow - may spend 20 seconds to charge a 10 Crush melee attack. If you have a charge up crush attack, you may stack that damage into this. (ie 4th level Druid may do 15 crush in 20 secs).

Piercing Blow - may spend 20 seconds to charge a 10 Vorpal melee attack. If you have a charge up vorpal attack,you may stack that damage into this. (ie 4th level pikeman does 15 vorpal in 20 secs).

Level 3:

Blood Rage - Spend 1 life to do +1 damage (max of +5 damage). No other skills may be used when using this skill. If you have Rage, you gain a free +1 damage when activating this skill.**

Stunning Blow - Spend 1 life to deal a 5 knockout. May spend multiple life. May add this on top of other knockout skills.


Impaling Blast - may charge a 5 Magic Vorpal damage (melee or ranged) per 10 seconds of charge time (max of 15 damage). If you have blast or channel you may also charge two channels or non-impaling blasts at the same time. ***

Frenzy - Gain 10 LP. Swing 10 crush continuously. Must continue fighting until -10 has been reached (cannot be talked down), at which point your death count begins. While fighting, you may target enemies first, but must target allies if all enemies are dead. If healed, user is considered poisoned for 30 minutes.


Level 1:

Steadfast - Same as Hold Ground but you gain 20 temp life and at the end you don’t drop to 0, but rather you drop to the life total you were at before activating this skill or your current life, which ever is lower. If you have Hold Ground, then you gain 30 LP. 15 second cool down. ****

Perseverance - While in negatives, can run, yell, drink potions, and use any “special action available to all character types” that takes less than one minute to perform. These include killing blows and carrying another person. If you have Determination, you can also continue to block incoming damage.

Level 2:

Reflect - 1 LP to acitvate, next hit is ignored and may swing that call/damage until disrupted. 15 second cool down. ****

Protector - Same as Defensive Matrix except lowers incoming damage by 2. If you have Defensive Matrix, then lowers damage by 4. All other rules apply as per Defensive Matrix.

Level 3:

Regenerate - Recover 1 LP every 10 seconds. Stackable with other regen effects. For example, if barbarian, recover 3 LP every 10 seconds.

Rear Guard - Spend 2 LP to avoid a damaging effect to the back.


Immune - Acts like Meditate but is not detected as dead, can move, talk, and interact normally. Cannot use skills and cannot be hurt in any way. Takes 5 seconds to enter protective state. Powerful magic will disrupt the state (above 15 magic). That damage however will not be taken and may be used for the reflect skill.

Lightning Reflexes - The master of defense senses every threat and knows how to take or avoid blows that others simply can never understand. With lightning reflexes, you are immune to all knockouts (including vorpal ones), crush and vorpal damage become normal (ie you can block them without taking damage and don't take life point damage first), and all attacks are assumed to have a number (1) in front of them (ie nothing surges, everything melee can be parried from the front, everything packet can be blocked with a shield). *****


Level 1:

Helping Hand - Can reduce the time of any skill of another person by half, as long as contact is maintained. Time can be reduced to one fourth if both players have the same skill. This skill has no effect upon the helping hand’s own skills (ie cannot be used on self). Note: any skills that reduce time are factored after this skill and minimum time rules still apply.

Transference - Grants First aid. If you already have first aid, life points granted are doubled (this doubling is factored after any additions). In addition, these people can see the way of things, how they fit in the world, how their essence can mingle with that of others. They can use their life energy to swap places with another, meaning that each would take the other’s life point total. The person gaining life cannot go above their max life, however. If the swap occurs in negatives, the death count does not restart. Ex. If the one gaining life was at 59 seconds when the transfer occurred, then the one losing life would be at 59 seconds as well. The swap can take place up to thirty minutes after the target has been dead. ******

Level 2:

Shield - Can act as a human shield to completely protect another person so that they cannot be
harmed in any way. This is simulated by the protected standing in close proximity behind the shield. The shield takes damage as normal and cannot defend or do anything but shield the victim. If the person being protected is in negatives, the death count ceases until the shield is over. The shield is only over when the shield ceases the protection or the event ends, regardless of LP total. If the shield’s LP total is below 0, the shield instantly dies the moment the protection is relented. The shield will be considered dead for a minimum of 20 seconds or for as long as the shield was in negatives, whichever is longer.

Augmenter - Same as the sage Augment skill. If you have the Augment skill, all enhancements are doubled.

Level 3:

Remove Effect - Can spend five minutes to remove a suggestion. Can spend one minute to remove poison or disease. If you have these skills, can remove them instantly. In addition, you can immediately remove effects of fear, sleep, and root. Cannot use on self

Cause Effect - may charge for 30 seconds to continuously throw for various effects as long as one foot is stationary (ie you can pivot). This has the following costs: Root, taunt, or fear–0 LP. Poison, Disease, or Disarm–1 LP per throw. Sleep–2 LP per throw.


Protective Shield - Spend 1 life point to activate an impenetrable shield for 5 minutes around the caster and up to one other person as long as they are holding hands protecting them from all effects from outside the circle (but not inside). Additional people maybe included at a rate of 1 life per person up to 5 additional people. Anyone inside the circle but not holding hands will also be protected from anything outside but not inside. Life may be spent to extend the time at a rate for 1 life per minute. All people participating in the circle (holding hands) are consdered using a charged skill for purposes of interruption.

Summon - The summoner enters a meditative state where he cannot be harmed from outside forces. The player then plays the monster. Description is up to them but the stats are: 50 armor, 50 life, swings for 1 crush. In order to switch back, the creature must return to the spot where the summoner entered the meditative state. For every point of damage that the creature took to its life point total, the summoner takes as well.


Level 1:

Utilize - Eliminates one of the three personal upkeep requirements. If only one resource type is required, then total number needed is cut in half (round up).

Hunt - Gives 2 food and 2 hide an event. If you have wilderness survival, gives 3 food and 3 hide.

Level 2:

Territory - You have found some small piece of land from which you can produce 3 food, 2 supplies, and 1 cloth.

Herbalism - A person who knows the healing properties of the natural world and can remedy poisons, diseases, and physical damage. It takes 10 minutes to cure poisons and diseases. It takes 5 minutes to heal half physical damage and 10 minutes to heal full. If you are a healer with these skills, it takes 2 minutes to cure diseases and poisons, and 1 minute to heal half, 2 minutes to heal full. *******

Level 3:

Growth - You have found some small piece of land from which you can produce 3 food, 2 supplies, 1 cloth, 1 hide, 1 steel, and 1 mystic. If you have territory, then it can produce 10 resources of player choice, no more than 3 of which can be mystic.

Sanctuary - Same as the Haven skill but can hide two people. If you have the Haven skill you can hide four people.


Permanace - Any item upkept or not can be used by the Survivalist. Note, charged items still need charges to be paid for.

Fight or Flight - Same as flee except immune to all attacks, front and rear, for 10 seconds, and does not have to be running away from combat. Multiple life points can be used to extend the time. Can carry one person while in this state. No other skills may be used.