Post Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:02 pm

2008 calls

New calls you may hear or should use this year that are going into the rule book:

Cleanse - Disenchant for Potions.

Charm - Plant suggestion
You can implant orders in a person without their knowledge to carry out a task. A command must consist of an 'action', and a 'trigger' of some kind. For example, a Charm command could be: 'Charm; Attack the Barkeep after I leave'. The suggestion lasts until the command is completed or until it is replaced with another command. The Charm can only be one sentence long, and can only have one trigger and one action. Additionally a character can only have one hypnotic suggestion at a time.

Resist - 'Resist' should be called any time the target does not take damage from an effect.