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spot & Roll the corpse

If a character has Spot and the Roll the Corpse perk, does the basic search time drop to 15 seconds (since spot or the perk drop the basic search to 30 seconds on their own)?
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Re: spot & Roll the corpse

I would say at the time - no it does not drop the basic search to 15 seconds. - Should it, perhaps - Something else for the tweeks for next year.

Mind you depending on how treasure is being handed out, they may both some into play anyway. But in the case of individual searches, they do not stack to lower the time.
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Re: spot & Roll the corpse

This may be a moot point depending on the game and who's running what plot.

As of late, I have seen the loot master, more in winter then final. Saying everyone searching the bodies form a line here, if you have spot, make a second line and a third line for improved spot... Then everyone lines up with their hands out waiting for their piece of candy.

Personally I feel like this detracts from the game. Searching a body takes time, and this loot grab is purely out of game. I remember people trying to loot a corpse during a fight when we took back haven, each NPC had their own tags and the player was yelled at in game by the town for being greedy instead of fighting... I live that interaction.
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Re: spot & Roll the corpse

I have the same beef Eric. Having a loot or booty master assumes everyone started looting at the end of the fight at the same time. Idealistically, I'd like for the NPCs to have loot on them when then go out - but sometimes that forethought isn't there.. nor do we know how many monster re-pops we will be.. or if we transition into a spur of the moment wandering hoard of something... We've had events also where all us NPCs tried to be good kids and bring tags out with us - but I guess we gave out an UNGODLY amount of loot that event (not sure if that's good or bad.. or just is). I can say that on the WH side of things, it is something we have been tinkering with. By all means, if you have a suggestion for a tactic that we could try, that would help.

On the Final Haven side of things.. I can see that there's an issue again with the low amount of NPCs. Someone taking the time to loot each corpse would prevent the NPC (actual person/body) from getting back up in a timely manner from being another NPC/monster, and thus slow down the action of combats. I will admit I super hate how it's done now. Major battle is over and an NPC says, "We'll be right back with your loot!" They are never right back. "Right back" has sometimes meant over an hour. "Right back" has also meant, "We won't be back HERE.. but instead we will distribute loot over at NPC camp.. but we won't tell everyone that so if you waited HERE then you might not get loot unless the person/people who picked up loot at NPC camp makes sure to give you your share." That is super frustrating.

Potential solution - envelopes. Put individual loot tags in envelopes marked "loot." On the field, when a something dies, the NPC will drop an envelope. The PC, wishing to loot, can do whatever time they need to search a body (hopefully, they are crouched over said envelope RPing searching). When time is up, they can open the envelope and move (because they can't move while searching, right?). Whatever they receive from that corpse as loot will be in the envelope - magic item, animal bones, potion, etc. Even nothing could be in the envelope! The downside is 1) cost of envelopes + extra paper waste. 2) would probably need security envelopes so people can't look through the envelope paper before deciding to spend time opening it 3) Size of different tags.. we know that magic item tags are bigger than basic item tags. Feeling through the envelope the size of the tag is cheaty.. but it would get done. 4) Coin - well, coin in an envelope would be obvious...


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Re: spot & Roll the corpse

agree with Eric on this.

is individual NPC loot a little more difficult? it can be (especially when facing lots of enemies and you have PC's determined to search everything)

can it cause problems in game with people arguing with each other over sniping loot while others are fighting, yes it can.

are both of these incredibly realistic things that add to the realism and experience of a game? I think so.

I recall being fairly specific on who we asked and allowed to come on what plot depending on what we might encounter for this reason among others including but not limited too: loot sniping, discretion, solo combat viability, healer reliance, potion reliance, item reliance, ability to follow orders, ability to act without orders, ability to run, build versatility, history, experience, ability to remember certain things (we have/had specific phrases, words, and gestures that mean specific things such as bail on plot, split up, run, kill, regroup at a pre determined place, etc.) etc, etc, etc. it was kind of a long list so we only ever got maybe 5-8 people depending on difficulty or who showed up.
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