Sage skill interactions

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Sage skill interactions

I have a couple questions about how Sage skills might stack with other skills:

1) If a Sage uses Augment to give themself "Resist Charm" and also has "Resist Mind Effects," is the first Resist Charm passive as if Immune? (Basically stacking 2 Resist Charms for a one-off)

2) Does the Sage "Resist Mind Effect" stack with "Mind Games" to give Immunity to Taunt? (Both grant Resist Taunt, but Mind Games only mentions stacking with other skills that grant Taunt.)

3) Would a Sage with "Resist Mind Effects" and the "Resist Fear" boon be Immune to Fear?


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Re: Sage skill interactions

*casts summon a GM spell*

someone answer this mans questions!

as a thought discussion to go along with your questions even if it was possible (that I personally don't see any breaks with) its far from optimal actually. see one thing to take into account when going for resists / immunities is there rarity and actual threat compared to needing no resist, a resist, or immunity.

-Charm is very rarely thrown and never spammed multiple times in a short period of time, but it is very annoying to deal with when you are hit with it, this qualifies it for "needs a resist"

-Taunt is actually very rare among NPC's (I would actually like to see it more) and easy as sin to counter given the wording of the skill, you can continue to backpedal and perform many actions and play normally whilst taunted, this puts it in "no resist" or "need a resist" range based on convenience of acquiring said resist (for instance if you get it for free with others in resist mind effects)

-Fear while more common then the other two mentioned is only an annoyance, as its never used in combination with other skills to make it lethal and running away from a monster is not really inherently bad, like taunt this puts it in "no resist" or "need a resist" range based on convenience of acquiring said resist, and while resist fear is arguably the most common and easy to acquire resist (a contributing factor to its lack of use) any place you can find it such as second level skill or essence boon there is almost always something more vital then being able to resist fear, IE resisting poison or disease, things that actually cause MASSIVE mechanical downside to your character and take a healer out of combat for up to 5 minutes compared to 10 seconds of running away.

so. . .yeah ^_^ even if it was possible to stack those as immunities its still probably not worth it. (BTW resist sleep is the most important resist)
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Re: Sage skill interactions

To answer your questions the "Resist Mind Effects" skill does not stack with any other skill. So it does not generate immunities other than the ones already stated in the skill. To my knowledge all Resist Skills that stack to become an immunity state that they do within the text of the skill and generally require the same skill to be had twice.

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