Deep Pockets

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Deep Pockets

I feel that the Deep Pockets spell is too powerful as a basic spell that ANY player could acquire for 20 points through multiple first level abilities.

The cost of -1EP for the event is small for the ability to carry an unlimited amount of resources and items in my opinion.

I have an idea that might help. make it so that the spell takes -1EP for the event per 5 or 10 additional items you would like to carry, depending on which is more balanced.

So for example, instead of having -1 max EP for the event to carry unlimited items,I could have between -1 and -5 max EP for the duration of the spell to carry between 5 and 25 more weight at +5/-1 or between 10 and 50 more weight +10/-1.

Just a thought!
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Re: Deep Pockets

I agree that the deep pockets spell is far too powerful.

Back when I started playing in 2004, rules allowed for unlimited resources to be carried around in an 18 gallon tote.. by one person. Rules were then changed for different container capacities based on physical container size AND had carrying restrictions - the larger the container, the more people needed to carry it (yup, I remember 4 people lugging a class 4 container through the woods at Camp Kidwell). I suspect it was because too many people were carrying around 5 extra sets of armor, 10 shields, and 20 weapons at once without physreps, we implemented "weight" on items this year. Now it's no longer a matter of how many resources we're carrying, but how many un-physreped items we are carrying around.

But now we also have a deep pockets spell - a spell that completely counteracts the whole idea of the weight system! This spell lets us carry around an unlimited amount of weight with minimal effort and penalty. Not only that, there is absolutely no physical container restriction! The container is simply restricted to how small of an area can someone cram some paper tags. To me, this seems far more broken than the 18 gallon tote rule!

I think Patrick is on to something, but as a basic level spell, I would restrict it further. I propose a 1:1 ratio. 1 essence point per 1 unit of weight. This would make the spell kinda nifty at as a basic level spell, but not be so outrageously over powered.

Alternatively, I could see the spell being capped at an extra 5 units of weight with only allowing the caster to have 1 of these spells active at a time.


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Re: Deep Pockets

I agree with a 1-1 ratio or some such ratio as proposed.

or simple removal and replacement of the spell. weight was put in place to prevent cheating and cheezing of various rules and mechanics. its very odd and sends mixed messages to state that your cracking down and fixing a lot of these exploits then add in a basic spell that says "never mind" :P
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Re: Deep Pockets

why not simply make it target a type 1 container that functions like a type 2 or 3 for event duration or until the caster sets the type one container down. If that type 1 gets stolen the extra goodies would spill out when the spell drops.
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Re: Deep Pockets

I can tell you that we will be looking at the Deep Pockets spell - it was one we were going to be watching this year anyway.
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