Post Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:50 am

so new Magus

I really love its design.

just had to throw that out there. looking forward to seeing it in action and hearing the feedback.

I feel it really combines a lot of the feels and benefits of previous incarnations (massive spell diversity of arcane, consistency and balance of wizard, and essence point system from old magus) and combines them and culls a lot of the problems with the previous incarnations.

I really like the number of spells vs amount of casting choice that exists within the path, very classic D&D Wiz vs Sorc dilemma of do you grab a huge variety of spells and give up how rapidly you can cast spells or vice versa? love that.

I like the different cost of spells, we know not all spells were created equal and its nice to see that reflected in that particular form of balance.

I am just tickled pink at the end result and really like the looks of what I am seeing, I really hope this overall idea and framework might lead to better changes in other applicable areas of the game such as Alchemy.

Fantastic work I hope it plays well! :D
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