Post Mon Aug 04, 2014 2:41 pm

Fundraising for Car

As some of you have learned, my car broke down on the way to the event on Friday. I just heard back from the mechanic that it will need a new motor. In the time I've owned my '99 Ford Escort wagon, I have already put 3 motors in the car and with the 2K price tag in getting a new one, I simply can not justify spending that kind of money for a 4th.

The problem is, I'm very, very broke with close to no income and classes start at the end of the month (I need a vehicle to drive from Fruitport to Allendale 3 times a week).

So, in order to raise money for a vehicle, I'm offering my creative services!

I have made all but 2 of Abaddon's masks.
I have moderate sewing abilities.
I can (apparently) make soup.
I painted Travis' nerf guns he's used for Waypoint.
I crocheted the horned helm that was sitting in the tavern this past event.

If you're interested in something, please let me know!

P.S. - I also started an Etsy shop (close to nothing in the shop right now though)