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Werewolf: the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition: Deluxe ... versary-ed

20 years ago, a little-known gaming company called White Wolf Game Studios released a game called "Werewolf: the Apocalypse" where werewolves have been the Warriors of the Earth since before mankind was even out of the trees, and have been charged with the World's protection from an evil, corrupting force known as the Wyrm. Through the gifts of Gaia (the spirit of the Earth and world as they know it), Luna (the spirit of the Moon) a bounty of other spirits and their own might, they fight to the death in a war to postpone the oncoming apocalypse.

In a celebration of the game, Onyx Path Publishing (licensed creators of the White Wolf intellectual property, and formed by Richard Thomas of White Wolf/CCP and utilizing many of the old members of the White Wolf family) is creating a 20th anniversary edition of the book, and a limited line of upcoming supplements.


530+ pages, the "W20" book (as it's shortened to) removes the meta plot from W:tA and condenses the book to the mechanics and setting, giving more room for including information normally found in other books and even expanding or creating new information for groups otherwise un-finished in other books.
Developed through an Open Development process, including writing and artwork from noteworthy W:tA contributors, W20 is shaping up to be an amazing book.

While the book will be offered as a PDF, and in at least 3 forms of Print-on-Demand styles (softcover b/w, hardcover b/w, and hardcover 2-volume full-color), OPP is also offering fans the opportunity to purchase a DELUXE EDITION available only through a pre-order KickStarter.
This single-volume full-color version will have a black leatherette cover that has been die-cut with the iconic claw-marks. The page edges will be gilded in silver, and will include (at least) two ribbon bookmarks.
There is even a "Heavy Metal Deluxe" edition that MAY be offered IF 200 people either pledge the $385 level, or add the HMD version to another tier. It will have a metal plate bound to the cover that will be both printed with the iconic blue-rust pattern from 2nd edition, but also die-cut as well.

Because this is a KickStarter, there are some entertaining reward tiers available (and some stretch goals that have already been reached!)

So, if you were a fan of Werewolf: the Apocalypse, or were/are curious about what this is all about, I suggest you head on over to the W20 KickStarter and check it out.

Some notable tiers (of many)
$1 = You get your, or your character's name printed in the contributor section.
$35 = Gets you a copy of the PDF before it's available to the public.
$120 = PDF and the Deluxe Edition of the book.
$385 = PDF and (if enough others go for it) the Heavy Metal Deluxe edition.


More information can also be found at other locations around the web too: ... ts&t=66418

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