Post Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:47 pm

They had a sale not that long ago and i purchased a few of these weapons. Every single one was to hard for our larp. You may be able to use them for the handles though which is what i am currently doing to the past ones that i purchased.

Overall they are unfinished the product that you see on the site is not the product that you get. They have sharp edges where the "extra" foam has not been removed. The foam is very hard on most pieces but a few of them use softer foam it does not distinguish between them on the site though. The handles on the blades are very well done and have lots of detail but the blades are horrid and rock hard. The Axes are even harder then the swords the hammers are a little bit softer but the handles are rock solid.

I did not purchase any of the shields so i cannot say exactly how they would be but judging on what ive seen of the weapons probably more of the same.

If you would like another opinion on these weapons ask Eric Smitty or Nick Danimoth/Legion. Both have seen and felt these weapons and can tell you exactly what they think of them.