The Dark Tower Larp

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The Dark Tower Larp

The Dark Tower

`In celebration of the release of the Wind through the Keyhole on April 24th, I have decided to run a single one day larp during the golden age of Gilead. I will be using the Serenity rules plus an included document.

Game Description:
The game will take place during the Golden Age of Gilead and predate Steven Deshaine as leader of the gunslingers by ten years. He is a rising star among the warriors and spoken in favorable terms. John Farson is just a myth at this point and no one really knows who Martin is.
The game will use the Serenity as is with the mods listed in the dark tower document.

Characters may not be gunslingers. The game will be set in one out the outlying Baronies called Overlook which is a good distance from Gilead. Sorcery will be available and can be found in the Dark Tower Document.

Location: Camp Merrie Wood
Date: September 21- Stephen King’s Birthday.
Cost: 10 dollars
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This is what I was waiting for, the annual Cole April Fools post...
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Though it would be awesome!
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