Entering the realm of Final Haven!

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Entering the realm of Final Haven!

Hey guys, So the Mike and Chris and the other GM's have talked they finally concluded that I join Final Haven! I just had to write a topic because I was way to excited, Couldnt just simply think about it! Thanks too all for the help! :lol:
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February 18th will be a One-Day event. It will begin sometime in the morning and wrap in the evening.
There are usually some differences in mechanics (especially in regards to resources) on these one-day events, so check-in and check-out may be different from the other events of the season.
Also, since it'll likely still be Winter out, these events TEND to be a bit more social/political/puzzle based than normal. That isn't to say that there won't be NPCs and things to beat on with a sword, but it will likely be less than over events (because, damn, it's cold out there!)

Other things you may want to start to gather for the events:
Timer: A kitchen timer, or watch that you can count with. Some skills take 15 seconds. Others take a few minutes... or longer.

Sleeping Bag: We'll have bunks and mattresses, but a set of blankets, or sleeping bag for sleeping in will be helpful. I'm not sure how the new site's beds are set up, so we may actually get bunks for everyone now, rather than mattresses on the floor.

Flashlight: It gets dark out there. Remember though, you can see your way down a path, but NPCs (and even other PCs) can see you coming too. If you can, think of something creative to project your light with: Create a lantern (non-glass) to carry, put a battery-operated light on a staff, or use a headlamp on your palm and claim it's a light-stone. Since lighting things USUALLY isn't a mechanic in-game, everyone's got 'em. If you can, just be creative as to what yours is. :)

Snacks and Drinks: While there may be some offered at the game ICly/OOCly, having your own food/drink will be helpful too. But think carefully because you're probably not going to want to carry in a box of Gatorade 12oz. bottles, and a cooler of food along with the rest of your stuff. Also, we may have an oven, we don't likely have a microwave.
On full-events there is a "game break" which means it's an opportunity for players and GMs to go off-camp and get some food and decompress and get OOC for a while. This is when a lot of players head off to restaurants for food and re-supply. However, there are players who stay at the camp, and remain In Character--the game is still running, but there just aren't any GMs available during this time and anything can/may still happen if the PCs do it, so there may be a cost to leaving the camp and all of your stuff behind unguarded. ;)
So... a bottle or two of drinks, and a box of snacks usually goes pretty far for most folks. IF the Inn is up and running, we usually offer snacks and drinks during the game for both In Character and Out of Character costs (we try to make the OOC costs inexpensive, and IC costs may be coin, items, or missions, etc.) The Inn is completely PC-operated, so it's not the GMs who are offering the foodstuffs. :)

We look forward to seeing you and taking your coin at The Tipsy Traveler. ;)
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