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Let the sane of mind not trod here!
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Wed Feb 25, 2009 12:29 am

Ninja burger employee handbook

1- If customers have complaints, DO NOT kill them. This is very important. A dead customer is not a paying customer
2- All ninja who are preparing food must wash their hands after using the restroom or slaying enemies.
3- Ninja should be properly groomed and dressed at all times. No “cut offs,” unless what’s being cut off are your fingers, due to dishonor.
4- Anyone caught with a single weapon on the premises will be fired; your handbook clearly states you must carry THREE weapons at all times.
5- The hot French fry grease is not a toy. Treat it with as much respect as you would one of your ancestors. Some of them might very well be in it.
6- Do not hurl frozen soy patties at your enemies, as this is a waste of food. Only use the shuriken that you have been provided.
7- A clean workplace is a happy workplace. Clean up after yourself if you spill food, beverages, or large quantities of the blood of your enemies.
8- Lunch breaks are only 30 minutes long. Anyone punching in later than that will be forced to commit seppuku. Do not dishonor your family!
9- Managers, owners and board members are to be treated with respect. Always bow, use proper honorifics, and give them a few extra pickles.
10- Remember, secret sauce is in the beige containers, and snake venom is in the light tan containers. Lets not have a repeat incident.

Ninja burger, guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less or we commit seppuku!

Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:06 am

Ninja Sushi is better. :)

They have $1 sushi on Tuesdays. om nom nom.

Wed Feb 25, 2009 2:17 pm

i dont trust sushi, and if its $1,....

but theres a whole hanbook thats hilerious, it talks about there enimies, this ones for julie

pirates and ninja could be friends,since we both really enjoy killing, being sneaky, and climbing on things. too bad pirates are soo stupid.

names- blackbeard, redbeard. bluebeard, beardbeard
weapons- hook on hand, pirate cutlass, cannonballs (limited range), walking the plank, keelhauling.
secret weapon- overpowering stench of liquor on thier breath
weaknesses- bottle of rum, scurvy

so now we know kidwynn was not a pirate, she did not have beard in her name

the one for monk is funny too
weapons- carries no weapons, and so he apears completly harmless
secret weapon- is not completly harmless
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