Post Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:31 am

CD needs a home

In my addiction of "Going Through and Getting Rid Of" I'm liquidating some CDs that I just plain don't listen to anymore. And I know CDs as such are old school tech, but I have a "Wheel of Time" soundtrack that I thought I would offer to any Robert Jordan nerds here before tossing it in with the rest of my donations. Its copyright is 2001, so it was done WAY before the series was (not)finished and it's basically a collections of songs/music inspired by the series AND Robert Jordan approved.

Stuff like this still makes me daydream of having a swapmeet/rummage sale amongst our ilk. Sometimes there are things you don't use or need anymore but don't want to just toss in the donation pile. Any thoughts? Anyone play with any other groups where people might be keen on the idea? Wayne and I had originally imagined it as part of a winter party, but again, that's fallen by the wayside for so long. In the case of a trade meet up, I would not hesitate to pick Ionia, just for its size.

Anyway, just rambling. If anyone wants it, just give me a shout out!

"It ain't no mystery,
if it's politics or history.
The thing you gotta know is,
Everything is showbiz!"