Post Sat Dec 02, 2006 11:25 pm

Check out video/game, very nice-uh!

Ever since Germany, one of my favorite bands has been a Dutch ensemble called Within Temptation. I have already force fed them to a couple of you (ask Colin and Ang). They've got more than a few albums out now, but their newest and latest project has been for an up and coming video game called The Chronicles of Spellborn. I'm not a video game person myself, but for some of you this may look really good. There is a game trailer/video on a website that you simply must see.

You have to do the whole register/email/password nonsense, but it's super fast and well worth it! Enjoy! I hope you like this group as much as I do. It looks like they went the distance with this project (real choirs, reall orchestra). It's hard to get their music anywhere except online as they're pretty much all Euro, but they're just fantastic.