Post Mon Oct 17, 2005 4:40 pm

Questions answered on Ravinal's background

For those who would like to know, just so things are kept straight. My character's wife was named Loet, as the pronunciation of poet. My character's daughters name was Zysy *pronounced Z-ce. Ravinal called her this because the similar name his wife gave her was far too long and complicated for him to pronounce. His wife; now deceased, was an elf and his daughter is a half-elf. I wanted to have that known to get away from the confusion that Ravinal's daughter was ever an orc, which she is not.

The last event was when Zysy *which is what Ravinal will always remember her as, instead of what she is called now* killed Loet out of suspicions. Loet was part of the Wood Wraith group and Zysy is still the chieftess of an orc tribe.